A downloadable game for Windows

Are you on the hunt for an action-packed, retro-style beat 'em up game that will have you at the edge of your seat? Look no further than Boss Breaker!

You'll assume the role of an intern striving to survive their first day as a product tester for SUPER EVIL INC. You'll journey through different areas, facing off against waves of enemies along the way. Who knows what kind of twists and turns lie ahead?

Whether you're a devoted fan of classic arcade-style games or simply seeking a thrilling new gaming experience, Boss Breaker is the answer. Don't hesitate any longer - try out the demo today!

  • 10 levels with unique designs and challenges
  • Varying enemy types and amounts
  • Upgrades for your stats that can be bought using vending machines
  • Modifiers that give you interesting new abilities


BossBreaker-Patch1.zip 101 MB


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can i join in your studio?

Hey there. I’m not really looking for any more help at this time. Thanks for your interest though!