Post-Dreamhack Update

Hey all,

As some of you may know, I recently attended Dreamhack Dallas, where I showcased Boss Breaker at the Indie Playground. I got a lot of feedback, and this update implements most of it in the demo.

The major changes since the last update include:

  • Added stamina boxes to go alongside health boxes
  • Added periodic drops from the ceiling
  • Added priority queue for enemy attacks
  • Added block function for your fists
  • Increased base stamina pool amount
  • Made shop UI larger
  • Added “Special Upgrades” which give you a temporary boost of power
  • Increased base health pool amount
  • Added volume slider in the options menu

Along with some minor bug fixes and crash fixes.

The game is now about halfway through development, and I’m hoping to fully release it later this year.

Thanks for reading.

PS: Wishlist Boss Breaker on Steam!

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