Revival Jam Revamp

Hey everyone,

After saying I was done with this project and then being away for a while, I’ve decided to pick it back up again and, this time, see it through to absolute completion.

This was mainly spurred on by Dallas Society of Play’s 3rd Revival Jam, where you take an old/abandoned project and revive it. In this case, I decided to revive Boss Breaker since I believe it’s a really solid concept and want to see it succeed.

I’ve updated a bunch of different aspects of the game, but the major changes include:

  • Updated enemy health bars
  • Organized project structure
  • New fifth edge splash
  • New VHS effects
  • Redid dialogue for better flow and characterization
  • New Boss Breaker logo
  • Updated player UI
  • Updated tutorial to have varying responses to completing actions
  • Updated vending machine shop upgrade selection
  • Updated vending machine shop UI
  • Worked on balancing enemies + player
  • Fixed enemy pathfinding breaking after pausing the game or the player dying
  • Updated king boss fight
  • Fixed vending machines not spawning every other level
  • Updated all menus to support mouse interaction
  • Numerous bug fixes

I wish I could’ve done more in the allotted time for the jam, but a lot of personal things were going on behind the scenes, and I couldn’t consistently work on the project. Nevertheless, I’m still incredibly proud of the progress I’ve made on the project, and I’m excited for what the future holds.

Thank you for reading,


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