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Looming Threat is an ARPG with a VERY deep lore.

In the beginning, there were only four things: Light, Dark, She, and HIM. When these 4 beings were in harmony, life would flourish. BUT. When the beings were inbalanced: War, Pestilence, Death, and Famine would break out across the dimensions. And everything was going great, UNTIL, HE, The embodiment of Strength and Power, Strayed from the Light and chose the DARK. Now it's up to HER, The embodiment of Love, Kindness, and Knowledge, to defeat HIM and restore peace!

  • Added 9-Slice textboxes.
  • Added the start of LAN multiplayer.
  • Added saving/loading system.
  • Added Tele-Pads.
  • Complete multiplayer.
  • Complete soundtrack.
  • Complete the entire game.
  • Make a non-toxic fanbase.

Install instructions

Just download, unzip the file, and run the .exe


Looming_Threat_Demo.zip 16 MB

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